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The Done-Jacksons, Parents of a Junior Girl

I would just like to say a huge thank you from all our family for what you and your team have achieved. It wasn’t the year 5/6 we would have hoped for but you made it as good as it could possibly have been given the dreadful circumstances we had all found ourselves in. Every year, Evie has left her year feeling sad to leave a wonderful teacher, only to be met with an equally amazing teacher as the year before. Miss Gregson has been lovely this year with Evie and if she has told me once, she’s told me several times that she doesn’t want to leave the Junior School.

The show - I wish we could watch in person because the twitter clips look lovely. What an accomplishment to pull off yet another full school show during a pandemic - and what a fantastic show it looks to be. The only consolation with watching on an iPad in the privacy of my own home is that I get to cry in private! I don’t think I have made it through any school performance without the water works.

Please pass on my thanks to all your team. Every single one of them has made Evie’s Junior School journey absolutely perfect. She is one lucky girl to be part of such a warm, nurturing, fabulous school. I am glad Annie joins you next year so we get to do it all again! I hope the Senior School are as good as the Juniors because you have set the bar as high as it could be.