I Am Looking For

Year 13 Bursary Recipient, Girls' Division

Bolton School’s generous bursary has enabled me to continue my studies here in the sixth form. I have particularly enjoyed the opportunities to engage in Community Action within the school and with Bolton-based organisations. I appreciate the opportunities I have been given to study at this supportive school and am eager to give back to my community. 

The small class sizes have been beneficial in maximising the support from my teachers and increasing my passion for my subjects. I’ve been able to help with running clubs for younger pupils and have been a peer mentor for a year. The arts and science evening lectures which I regularly attend have broadened my knowledge base and allowed me to gain an insight into a variety of subjects which I would not have thought to explore. 

The friendly atmosphere of Bolton School has enabled my academic and social progression. I have had the room to grow and develop crucial skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork throughout my time here. As I now look to my next steps in life at University, I am confident that my academic abilities and social skills which I have developed at Bolton School will get me far in life. Without the financial aid from the school, this would not have been possible for me and many others in similar positions. I am very grateful for the experiences I have had as a Bolton School pupil.