"When I return to Bolton School to talk to pupils about entrepreneurship, my message is to 'go for it'. This is an attitude that I had instilled in me during my time at the school where my curiosity was fuelled and I became interested in ideas."

Caroline Plumb - CEO of Fresh Minds and youngest woman on Management Today's '35 under 35' list

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Tax Efficient Giving

In Europe

In some European countries it is possible to take advantage of your resident country's tax incentives for charitable giving when making a cash donation to a U.K. charity.   Currently the only practical way this can be achieved is through Transnational Giving Europe, which School is now a member of.   At present we are able to receive tax...

In the US

If you live in the US and would like to make a tax deductable donation to School, you can by forwarding your donation to the British Schools and Universities Foundation Inc (BSUF).   This is a charitable organisation recognised by the US Internal Revenue Service under Section 501 (c) (3) of their Codes. The BSUF's Federal ID Number is...