"Park Road shaped young minds to uphold the virtues of self discipline, self sufficiency, determination, fair play and self belief without arrogance."

Phillip Taylor, Former Pupil

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In Europe

In some European countries it is possible to take advantage of your resident country's tax incentives for charitable giving when making a cash donation to a U.K. charity.


Currently the only practical way this can be achieved is through Transnational Giving Europe, which School is now a member of.


At present we are able to receive tax effective donations from residents of Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland and Switzerland. However in the near future we hope to extend this provision to Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, France and Luxemburg.


If you live in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland or Switzerland and would like to make a tax-efficient donation to the School please contact your local Transnational Giving Europe partner (contact details below) who will advise you of your country's procedure.




King Baudouin Foundation, rue Brederodestraat 21, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Telephone:      +32-2-549 02 31

Fax:                +32 2 549 02 89

E-Mail:             tge@kbs-frb.be

Website:           http://www.kbs-frb.be




Maecenata International e.v., c/o Maecenata Management GmbH, Herzogstrasse 60, D- 80803 München, Germany

Telephone:       +49-89-28 44 52

Fax:                +49-89-28 37 74

E-Mail:             tge@maecenata-management.de

Website:          http://www.maecenata-management.de



Mail:                Oranje Fonds, Maliebaan 18, 3581 CP Utrecht, The Netherlands

Telephone:       +31-30-656 45 24

Fax:                 +31-30-656 22 04

E-Mail:              tge@oranjefonds.nl

Website:           http://www.oranjefonds.nl




Vita Giving Europe Onlus, Via Marco d'Agrate 43, 20139 Milano, Italy

Telephone:      +39-2-552 29 83 33

Fax:               +39-2-568 02 461

E-Mail:           tge@vitagiving.org

Website:         http://www.vitagiving.og


Mail:                Foundation for Poland, ul. Narbutta 20/33, 02-541 Warsaw, Poland

Telephone:       +48-22-54 25 880

Fax:                 +48-22-54 25 890

E-mail:             tge@fdp.org.pl

Website:           http://www.fdp.org.pl




Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, c/o BMG Avocats 8C av de Champel, Switzerland

Telephone:           +41-22-321 77 37

E-Mail:                contact@swissphilanthropy.ch

Website:             http://www.swissphilanthropy.ch


Please note that donations sent directly to School from Europe will not be eligible for any charitable tax incentives.

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