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The Bolton School Bursary Fund

Lord Leverhulme created the Bolton School Foundation to give the most talented children in the Bolton area the opportunity to realise their potential through an outstanding education, irrespective of their financial means. His vision has meant that over the last century, thousands of pupils from all backgrounds have been able to benefit from a Bolton School education.

Until 1997, state funding enabled the School to remain accessible to pupils from low-income families. When government support ceased, we remained committed to this ethos and built our own Bursary Fund. Thanks to our supporters, we are now able to help one in every five of our pupils, which makes us one of the most generous bursary schools in the UK. 

During the 2020-21 academic year, thanks to the generosity of our supporters we raised £873,617 in aid of the School's Bursary Fund.  

Despite this success, the fund is not large enough to emulate the scale of support of the Direct Grant days. For every bursary place awarded, one other child, who has proved their potential in the entrance assessments and would flourish here, has to be turned away.

Our vision for the future is to be the school that any talented child in Bolton can come to, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay the fees. Our long term ambition is to provide genuine open access, offering bursarial support to one in three pupils. This will require significant financial support and can only be realised with your continued endorsement.  

Bolton School is a special place – one of the great schools of the North. Its ethos has helped generations of Boltonians from all backgrounds realise their talents and has inspired them to achieve success.

We believe this is an ethos worth preserving. If you feel the same way, please consider supporting us and give to the Bolton School Bursary Fund in whatever way you can.

Thank you