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Remember Bolton School in your Will

Remembering Bolton School in your will is one of the most personal and significant ways you can help us in our mission to provide genuine open access.

You would be enabling talented children from Bolton, no matter their background, to receive the opportunity of an education here. You would be ensuring that Bolton School succeeds well into the future and continues as one of the great schools of the North.

Simply put, a bursary place at Bolton School can be life-changing. All legacy gifts, whatever type or size, play a vital role in our work and even a small percentage of an estate can have a transformative impact.

We hope that you feel your time here on Chorley New Road had a positive influence on your life, or on the life of someone close to you.

Pledge today to be part of shaping tomorrow.

To download the brochure giving more information about legacies, click here.  Click here for the accompanying inserts, including a Pledge Form.

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Pledge today to help shape Bolton School's future