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Teacher Training Opportunities

Bolton School is a partner school and hub in the Department for Education's (DfE) drive to recruit more teachers in shortage subject areas. The National Maths and Physics SCITT (School-Centred Initial Teacher Training) is at the forefront of a DfE initiative to spearhead subject specific teacher training on a national basis, aiming to buck the trend of declining applications for Teacher Training.

The programme is a result of a pioneering partnership between the state and private sectors to build numbers of trainee teachers. There are, at present, ten Hubs delivering training in their local area. These are Bolton, Chiltern, Dulwich, East Midlands, Guildford, Humberside & Lincolnshire, North London, Oundle, South Manchester and Warwick.

This model of recruitment and training offers unprecedented opportunities for trainee teachers to gain subject specific training from outstanding practitioners. Initial interest in the unique training programmes offered by the SCITT is encouraging, as high quality trainees are reacting positively to the bespoke offer.

Philip Britton, Head of the Bolton School Foundation, commented: “The National SCITT, with the unique combination of high quality placements at state and independent schools, provides a highly attractive and supportive entry to the teaching profession. There is no doubt this is an important aspect of tackling the shortage of high quality teachers in these vital subjects and we are very happy to play our part in dealing with this urgent issue of teacher supply for all pupils across the country. It is an excellent example of constructive partnership for the good of all.”

You can find out more about NMAPS SCITT via this link.

Click this link to find out more about Bolton School's taster/experience afternoon for the NMAPS SCITT on Friday 18 November 2022.

Further information, including how to apply, is available to download via the following links:

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