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Travel Grants for Bolton School Students and Former Students

Travel grants are available to Bolton School students and alumni, courtesy of the Scott Bolton Trust. Participants need to be aged from 16 to 22 years when they undertake their expedition. 

The Purpose

Projects which are original or challenging will be favoured by the management committee who decide the awards. Physical challenges were originally the norm, but challenges of an intellectual nature are also acceptable if they show initiative.

Travel may be within the UK or abroad, but trips planned with some originality are preferred to the ones organised by Travel or Gap Year companies. Students should feel stretched in some way by the experience.

The committee usually supports Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and will on occasion subsidise demanding expeditionary or travel ventures organised by the School. Other school trips will not normally qualify. 


Students should be aged between 16 and 22 at the time of the project. Awards will not normally be made after the second summer having left School. Applications for trips during a year out will be considered provided the student is going on to further education and has not finished a first degree.

The Scott Trust does not fund projects which are an integral part of a student's education such as medical electives or time abroad for modern language students, nor trips to visit family members abroad. Projects linked to an applicant's intended educational course would normally only be considered if there was some travel portion either before or afterwards. 

Application Procedure

Application forms can be downloaded below or picked up from Mrs Debra Hardman, Clerk and Treasurer's office (Room A37, Boys' Division Senior School).  Alternatively, they may be requested via DHardman@boltonschool.org.uk.


For current pupils, interviews will be held Tuesday 14 March 2023. Prior to interviews taking place, email notification will be issued to each applicant by Mrs Debra Hardman. Applicants who are Old Boys or Old Girls are not interviewed.

Decision by Management Committee

Following the interviews, the Management Committee of the Scott Bolton Trust will consider all applications with written notification of their decision being issued within a few days of the meeting. 

Obligations of Successful Applicants

  • Apply all grant monies to the approved project.
  • Give immediate notice of cancellation of a project, or an individual withdrawing from a group, to the Clerk of the Committee (via Mrs Debra Hardman).
  • To refund any grant not taken up.
  • Submit a report (by hard copy to Mrs Hardman or email to dhardman@boltonschool.org) on the project within 1 month of carrying it out, for circulation amongst the Management Committee prior to display within both Divisions via Sharepoint. The report should include a description of the project and itinerary with comments as to what made the trip stretching or memorable. 


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