"We will be eternally grateful for the help that the bursary scheme offers to both our boys. Our sons have been able to fulfil the drive and need they have within them."

Senior Boys' School Parents

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Arts Week for Beech House Children

Friday, 10 February 2017

  • Arts Week showing parents
  • Arts Week Gumboot Dance
  • Arts Week performance
  • Arts Week music making
  • Arts Week African Drumming Workshop
  • Arts Week artwork with parents
  • Arts Week sowing clay work to parents
  • Arts Week model animals
  • Arts Week space theme
  • Arts Week African Drumming
  • Arts Week spaceships
  • Arts Week making a spaceship

The whole of the Infant School at Bolton School enjoyed a busy and colourful Arts Week in the final week of term.  Headteacher Mrs Tracey Taylor said: “What a fantastic week it has been!  Our Arts Week has been very popular with the children and it has been wonderful to celebrate their achievements in Art, Dance and Music. From African Drumming and Gum Boot Dancing to Inuit clay sculptures and Bollywood Dancing, it has certainly been an interesting week!” 

During the course of the week, a varied timetable saw children painting on ice, producing artwork inspired by Henri Rousseau’s painting “Tiger in a Tropical Storm” and a trip to the zoo, making patterns with feathers in a Damien Hirst inspired morning, making clay Inuit sculptures after exploring art from different countries, listening to Mr Ferguson’s adventures in Kenya and trying traditional Kenyan dress and Posho, a breakfast staple. 

Space provided inspiration for Year 2 pupils, who enjoyed designing and making their own rockets and, after looking at the artwork of Georges Seurat, painted space pictures using his pointillism technique. 

Mr Forgrieve from Bolton School Boys’ Division led an African drumming workshop which taught the older children about African culture and playing on djembe drums. He said: “the pupils worked well together as a team and produced very pleasing results, combining several rhythmic patterns created using authentic hand drumming techniques.” 

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