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Early Years at Bolton School are Outstanding

The Independent Schools’ Inspectorate has found Bolton School’s Early Years’ Foundation Stage for children aged from birth to 5 years to be ‘outstanding’ in all areas of its provision. The report echoes the findings of the last full inspection in 2010.

The report, covering Bolton School Nursery, Infant School (Beech House) and Kidzone, the School’s wraparound childcare service, found there to be excellent progress throughout the age groups: ‘the overall quality and standards of the early years’ provision are outstanding.’ It went on to find ‘the contribution of provision to children’s well-being is outstanding,’ and ‘the setting makes outstanding provision in meeting the needs of the range of children who attend. Excellent teaching means that children of all ages and abilities make outstanding progress.’

The integration of year groups at the Infant School was singled out for praise, which pleased Mrs Debbie Northin, Head of the Infant School: ‘It was gratifying that the inspection found that “children in Reception benefit from the many opportunities they have to interact with older children at lunchtimes, assemblies and playtimes” and that “older children benefit from specialist teaching in French, swimming, music and ballet.” I was also pleased that the report found children were fully engaged and having fun through many child-led activities and that "excellent behaviour is the norm and children quickly absorb the school’s ethos of respect, co-operation and tolerance of others."’

Beech House works very closely with the Nursery where the very youngest of children are equally well catered for with the report commenting: ‘Babies settle quickly and form appropriate bonds and emotional attachments because of excellent induction arrangements.’

The governors’ commitment to provide the best quality of education and childcare was recognised. ‘Governors have a clear oversight of the provision because their representative works closely with staff’ ensuring that ‘the effective use of plentiful and good quality resources leads to successful outcomes for all children.’

Praise was even heaped on the ‘excellent outdoor facilities’ that ‘help children to engage in imaginative play, investigations and group activities. As a result, they develop good language, communication and social skills from an early age.’ 

Miss Sue Hincks, Headmistress of the Girls’ Division, said: ‘I am delighted with the report. It is extremely rewarding and exceptionally impressive for a school to be found to be outstanding in every single area – in how well it meets the needs of those children who attend, in how it contributes to their well-being, in its leadership and management and in the overall quality and standards of the provision. The findings are the result of having such a dedicated and professional staff who oversee our Early Years Foundation provision. This was particularly noted in the report’s finding that "Rigorous and regular assessment of progress enables staff to identify children’s needs and plan effectively for their future learning.” A child's formative years provide the foundation upon which their life is built and Bolton School has always worked hard to ensure that we provide the very best start in life.’

Beech House children celebrate the findings of the ISI Inspection

Beech House children celebrate the findings of the ISI Inspection

Head of the Infant School, Mrs Debbie Northin and Mrs Claire Thompson, Manager of Bolton School Nursery, were delighted with the 'outstanding' report