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Year 2 helped the rest of the children at Beech House and visiting members of their families to celebrate the Harvest with a festival assembly. This special occasion featured readings, dances, poems and songs from the pupils in Year 2 and helped everyone to understand why we commemorate harvest-time and the importance of being grateful and giving back.

The children explained the origins of the Harvest Festival and the similarities with America’s Thanksgiving celebration. This was followed by the poem ‘A Scarecrow’s Job’ and the story of the Little Red Hen, complete with acting from several pupils! Pupils sang ‘A Very Special Vegetable’, celebrating vegetables that come into season during autumn, and the harvest song ‘We’ve Got Tomatoes’. This was followed by another harvest poem while the children showed their harvest paintings.

Finally, the Harvest Festival ended with a fun Harvest Hoedown with enthusiastic dancing from the children!

Pupils in Year 2 did not forget the most important message of Harvest: that as well as being thankful for what we have, we must remember those who have very little. A collection was held in support of the local charity Urban Outreach with all of the generous donations of produce and supplies going towards their Winter Watch campaign.

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