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Infants' Cheque for the RNLI

Saturday, 02 July 2016

Pupils from Beech House, the Infant Department of Bolton School, have handed over a cheque for £330 to the RNLI; the money was raised through the Leavers’ Year 2 concert for parents and grandparents. 

The chidren were on the Fylde Coast as part of their work, learning about the beach, so took the opportunity to hand over the cheque in person.  Whilst they were at the Lytham lifeboat station, the Shannon lifeboat from Fleetwood was also there, seeing if it would fit in the boathouse as preparations are made for a new lifeboat that Lytham will be getting in two years’ time. The timing proved fortuitous as the children were lucky to witness a lifeboat launch!

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The children hand over their cheque to the RNLI

The children hand over their cheque to the RNLI