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Infants’ Day with Author Steve Weatherill

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Children aged 4-7 years at Beech House, Bolton School’s Infant School, enjoyed an interactive and engaging day with acclaimed author and illustrator, Steve Weatherill, who is best known for his Goz series of books.

Boys and girls learned about his work as he taught them how to draw Baby Goz, step-by-step. He then read the story to the enthralled children and his lift-the-flap book, complete with duck noises, became a ‘biting book’ as he toyed with the audience.

The author, who is also a cartoonist, illustrated to children how, starting with a letter ‘P’ on the page this can be turned into a drawing of a penguin and, likewise, an ‘f’ can become a fish. Then starting with a squiggle, he had the children join in by guessing what animal it might be that he was drawing. Girls and boys had great fun as he then showed skilfully how the drawing could be flipped into something else entirely!

The young pupils also enjoyed listening to Steve tell the story of The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, who they also had fun drawing.

The visit was part of the Infant School's World Book Day Celebrations.

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