"Three years ago I was undereducated, underachieving and underestimated. The bursary at Bolton School meant that I had a chance at changing my life. It offered me new blueprints for the future, and I saw endless possibilities."

Niomi, Former Pupil

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Leavers Showcase Talent in Final Concert

Friday, 01 July 2016

The Year 2 pupils put on a spectacular show for their parents, grandparents and other members of their families in their final performance at Beech House, Bolton School’s Infant School. This was therefore a moving occasion as it was also the children’s farewell to the school.

The Year 2 Concert opened with a rendition of ‘Beside the Seaside’, sung by the whole year group. This was followed by an array of acts which allowed each and every pupil to show off his or her individual talent. From gymnastics and Ju-Jitsu displays, choreographed dancing, musicians playing numerous instruments, and even a couple of stand-up comedy routines, there was a huge variety within the show.

The gymnasts performed on the balance beam and with ribbons, while the boys performing Ju-Jitsu involved nunchakus in their routines, each performer impressing the audience with his or her fluid movements. The musicians played the keyboard, violin, recorder, piano, drums and even a melodica, and the tunes included everything from nursery rhymes to the Star Wars theme! A number of pupils also stood up and sang, with their pieces ranging from songs from musicals to the Pokémon theme to ‘The Good Ship Lollipop’.

The dancers provided delightful performances interspersed throughout the whole of the show, as individuals, in pairs and as small groups. Each of the children brought their own interpretation to the song they had chosen. A number of styles were represented, from modern street dancing to Indian classical dance. Some of the pupils decided to perform in costume to evoke films: the T-Birds from Grease told everyone about ‘Greased Lightning’, Minions danced to the Despicable Me theme, boys reminded the audience of martial arts movies with ‘Kung-Fu Fighting’, and there was even an appearance by the Ghostbusters!

Stand-up comics told quick-fire jokes to keep the audience entertained. A group of cheerleaders gave a routine that was full of energy. Some pupils performed poems they had composed themselves, and one boy rapped the theme from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

During the Concert, the Year 2 classes also performed a dance choreographed by their teachers: 2PB danced to ‘Boogie Wonderland’, 2G to ‘Footloose’ and 2C to ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’. The children threw themselves into these performances with a huge amount of enthusiasm and did a wonderful job of recreating some classic dance moves on the stage!

Finally, the Concert came to a close with the whole of Year 2 raising their voices to sing ‘Summer Holiday’.

All of the children did a superb job with their individual performances and the audience were amazed and delighted to see the range of talent in Year 2.

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Each Year 2 class performed an ensemble dance

Each Year 2 class performed an ensemble dance

The children

The children's varied talents wowed the audience

They enjoyed performing on the stage

They enjoyed performing on the stage