Bolton School Infants

Midwife Crisis for Year 2 Nativity

Year 2 pupils at Beech House delighted their families with a nativity with a modern twist in their production of ‘Midwife Crisis’. The story told of the best midwife in all the land, who along with her trainee midwife and long-suffering donkey, are summoned to the birth of a new king in Bethlehem!

Of course, she set off straight away to look for Bethlehem Palace, because she and the trainee midwife were certain that all kings are born in palaces. Only the donkey questioned whether that was really where they should be going, but – as he reminded the audience multiple times throughout – “Nobody ever listens to a donkey.”

The ‘Midwife Crisis’ story was skilfully entwined with the Nativity from this point on, with music and dancing throughout. When the midwife, the trainee and the donkey arrived in Bethlehem, it was extremely: boys and girls playing census-takers and visitors to Bethlehem sang and danced about the census and why they had to travel there. None of them had any time to direct the midwife to ‘Bethlehem Palace’.

Eventually, the donkey suggested that they should find someone who looked like they lived in a palace and ask them – only for the midwife to not listen, and claim the idea as her own a moment later! This led to an encounter with the Wise Men, who were so important that they had their own Narrator, separate from the boys and girls narrating the rest of the story! They introduced themselves and explained that they were trying to find a baby King, just like the midwife, but they too had managed to get lost.

Just then, a star appeared. A group of girls performed a lovely song and dance about the sparking star who was leading the Wise Men on their way.

The Wise Men spotted the star, threw down their map and followed. However, despite urging from the donkey that they should do the same, the midwife decided that they should head into the hills outside Bethlehem to see if they could see the palace from there.

On the hillside, they met a flock of sheep who performed a very entertaining song and dance about Bethlehem. They were also able to ask the shepherds about ‘Bethlehem Palace’, but they were not able to help direct them.

It eventually took a host of angels delivering a message to the midwife and her companions to put them on the right track and direct them not to a palace but to a stable, where Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus were waiting.

“Am I too late?” the midwife asked, when she realised that the baby had been born already. However, when she lifted the baby from the manger, she realised: “All this time I thought you needed me, but I was the one who needed you.”

The performance ended with a poem from the flock of sheep, followed by a selection of Christmas carols, including ‘Rudolph and Red-Nosed Reindeer’ and ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’.

The children did an excellent job putting on this production, particularly because it is intended for junior children rather than infants! The hard work in remembering dance moves, song lyrics, and when to say their lines paid off. They managed to make the parents laugh often in the course of the funny story – particularly when the donkey piped up with his catchphrase, “Nobody ever listens to a donkey!” They also managed to convey the Christmas story very well. The parents thoroughly enjoyed watching the Year 2 children put on their show.

At the end of the performance, a retiring collection was held for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Baby Pod Appeal.

The stars of the show: the donkey, midwife, and her apprentice

The stars of the show: the donkey, midwife, and her apprentice

The angels brought a message about the birth of Jesus

The angels brought a message about the birth of Jesus

The midwife finally meets the the baby king in a humble stable

The midwife finally meets the the baby king in a humble stable