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Mrs Crawforth Retires

After a lifetime of teaching and 10 years as Head of Beech House, the Infant Department of Bolton School, Mrs Hilary Crawforth, will retire this summer.

At a special evening at the School, Beech House teachers, past and present, ex-pupils and colleagues from the Senior School gathered for a celebration of her life and career.

Mrs Gill Richards, Headmistress of Bolton School Girls' Division described her as: "a very wise lady with a great sense of humour" and said that the Senior Leadership Team will miss her good counsel and sound advice.  Mrs Crawforth's work in orchestrating last year's smooth move from the old Beech House to the newly-built state-of-the-art Infant School was commended and it was seen as a fitting tribute to the retiring Head that Beech House recorded an unprecedented set of "outstanding" ratings in a recent inspection of the School's Early Years provision.  "In fact" says Mrs Richards, "they could not make any recommendations at all to improve Beech House - something that must be almost unheard of.  I hope she will return often to visit us as we shall miss her terribly."

In her farewell speech Mrs Crawforth said that this was more than a place of work and it was very difficult to leave.  She reflected on how being an Infant Teacher is hard work but very rewarding and that it is like having a huge extended family - she felt one of the advantages of Bolton School was being able to watch the children grow up and see them develop their talents through into the Sixth Form. 

Mrs Crawforth had been a pupil at Beech House herself in the 1950s and in an essay that she wrote when she was nine years old she said she hoped that "the children would be the main part of my life" - how prophetic she was!  Mrs Crawforth reminded the audience that no other workplace offers so much laughter - it is said children laugh 300 times a day compared to humans who only laugh 15 times a day.   Besides, in what other job, asked Mrs Crawforth, would you be told several times a day that "I love you"?

Mrs Crawforth was educated at Homerton College, Cambridge (1969-1973) where she read French.  In 1973 she began her teaching career as a French teacher at Markland Hill Primary School before moving to Beech House in 1976.  She left from Easter 1981-1986 to bring up two children.  She then returned to Beech House and in 2000, after the death of Mrs Trueman, she became Head of the Infant Department.

In her retirement Mrs Crawforth is looking forward to spending time with her family and more time in her garden at her cottage in Anglesey.  She also feels that before long she will miss the interaction with small children and could see herself taking up some part-time position which involves working with infants. 

The School wishes her the best of luck!

Mrs Crawforth in her new rocking chair

Mrs Crawforth can finally relax in her new rocking chair as she is presented with her gifts from the School

The party!

The crowd of well wishers enjoy a champagne and cup cakes party!

Mrs Hilary Crawforth

Mrs Hilary Crawforth; from pupil to Head, a lifetime's service to Beech House