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Owls Pay a Flying Visit

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Margaret and Michael from Lancashire Hawks and Owls brought a number of rescued birds to visit Year 1 pupils at Beech House. The children met and stroked a Little Owl, a Mexican Burrowing Owl, a Tawny Owl and an enormous Eagle Owl, and also saw a Barn Owl and a kestrel up close.

As the children carefully stroked the birds, Margarel gave them some information about each species in turn. For example, they found out that Mexican Burrowing Owls nest undergrounds and have to beware of snakes, and that Tawny Owls are the only owls that say ‘twit-twoo’. Amongst many other interesting facts, they discovered that owls are not waterproof and so go hungry if it rains for several days, and that owls with yellow or orange eyes hunt in the daytime, while dark-eyed owls hunt at night.  The children also learned about owl pellets, which contain the bones of the animals the birds eat, and were able to see examples.

When everyone had finished stroking the Eagle Owl, it flew across the hall to return to its perch, much to the children’s delight. When they gave a round of applause, the Barn Owl danced for them and they had fun copying the moves themselves.

The session ended with the opportunity for some of the children to hold the Little Owl, called Ruby.

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