Bolton School Infants

Year 1 Pupils Impress with Easter Assembly

Parents and grandparents of the Year 1 pupils at Beech House were invited to join in the fun at today's Easter Assembly.

With just a short introduction from Mrs Northin, Head of the Infant School, the Year 1 pupils took over, presenting the whole of the assembly themselves! Every child had a role, with many children speaking about the importance of the Easter, the meaning of Lent, and all they had learned in the two weeks leading up to the assembly.

As well as learning how to make pancakes, the children had memorised a rhyme about these treats, with added actions to show the mixing, frying and flipping! They also sang a song about eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, and spoke about what they had given up for Lent afterwards. One boy got a big laugh from the audience as he admitted, "I tried to give up sweets - it didn't last!"

The children went on to sing two songs about spring. Eggs are particularly important as a symbol of the renewal of life that comes at this time of year, and they have been the focus of the children's learning as well. Not only have they seen the different ways of cooking eggs, they have also explored ways to protect one so that it wouldn't break when dropped from a high place - with mixed success! On the theme of eggs, several of the children were dressed up as one of the most popular symbols of Easter time: chicks! The six children sang a song about cracking open their eggs and fluffing their feathers, to the delight of their parents.

At the end of the assembly, the children danced along to Pharrell Williams's hit song 'Happy' - and the audience was even encouraged to stand up and join in for the encore!

As a reward for their hard work in putting together the Assembly, the children were rewarded with a chocolate egg as a special treat.

After the performance, parents were invited to stay for tea and biscuits, and to look at the children's efforts for the egg-painting competition. The pupils are now eagrely anticipating the results, which are to be announced later this afternoon. There are some really creative entries this year and a wide a variety of characters, from Despicable Me's minions to characters from The Wizard of Oz, Daleks and Darth Vader to giraffes and fish - and even a couple of Olympic skiiers with a Sochi banner!

Two chicks with some spring flowers that Year 1 designed

Two 'chicks' with some spring flowers that Year 1 designed

The children really enjoyed putting on the show

The children really enjoyed putting on the show

Pupils had a great time dancing to Happy

Pupils had a great time dancing to 'Happy'!