Bolton School Infants

Year 2 Learn About Life as a Vet

Pupils in Year 2 learned more about life as a vet from Old Girl Victoria Edmondson. She visited Beech House with her husband and fellow vet Peter Edmondson and three of their dogs to introduce the children to the realities of working with animals in veterinary practice.

Victoria went on to become a vet after attending the Girls’ Division. The children got to hear about some of the hard work she put in while still at school, volunteering at animal shelters and local farms in order to gain experience working with animals of all varieties. She also explained that being a vet is not all about cuddling pets: it often involves long hours and being on call to help even at weekends and in the middle of the night.

The children were eager to ask a lot of questions about Victoria’s work, including the largest and smallest animals she has treated – a shire horse and a mouse – and her most and least favourite parts of the job.

She explained that there are different types of vet who look after different animals, giving the example of wildlife vets who work with wild animals and animals that live in safari parks and zoos, and are specially trained.

This was a great experience to get the Year 2 pupils thinking about what it would really be like to work as a vet. They were fascinated by Victoria’s answers to their many enthusiastic questions, and really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to her and Peter about their work.

Victoria and her dogs with Year 2 pupils Freddie and Chloe

Victoria and her dogs with Year 2 pupils Freddie and Chloe