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The annual Junior Careers Carousel brought together Park Road and Hesketh House pupils at the Junior Girls’ School for an afternoon spent learning all about a variety of different jobs. Four alumni gave their time to speak to Year 6 boys and girls about their journey from pupil to profession and what their career involves now.

Jenny Fairwood is a GP, and had brought with her a skeleton, much to the girls’ and boys’ excitement! She was able to give the children a realistic view of what the medical profession is like and the level of study needed to succeed in this area. She also talked about the many different specialisms that exist within medicine – meaning that there is “something for everyone” – and discussed what she particularly loves about general practice.

Chris Jones is Director of Sitcom Soldiers and came along to the Careers Carousel with his colleague Malcolm Smith to talk to pupils about TV and video production. This exciting field was one which sparked the boys’ and girls’ imaginations. Chris and Malcolm were able to give them a behind-the-scenes look at what is involved in making music videos and adverts, which was also relevant to TV and film production.

Chris Peacock is currently Account Manager at a public affairs company, but he is also a former Councillor and former Mayor of Westhoughton. He was able to talk to pupils not only about his current role, but also about government and politics in a really accessible way. The boys and girls were full of pertinent questions.

Nicola Rigby is Director at GVA. She talked to pupils about town planning, development and regeneration. Nicola got pupils to divide into small groups to design their own town using a map and different coloured pieces of card, each colour representing housing, different facilities such as doctors and schools, and yellow card for something that would make their town extra-special which they had to decide on as a group and describe. The interactive activity helped pupils to understand what goes into planning and development of a site and the kinds of things that Nicola has to consider in her work.

The Junior School pupils were really interested to hear from all four alumni, and were engaged throughout the afternoon. This was a wonderful way for the pupils to start thinking about careers and the many different things that they might do in the future.

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