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Boys Attend Olympic Dance Workshop

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Year 5 and 6 Junior Boys from Dance club took part in the Bolton Schools’ Dance Festival at Thornleigh College in March. The criteria was set for an Olympic theme to mark what would have been the 2020 Olympics this year. The Junior Boys worked with teacher Miss Karn to choreograph a dance to show the value of togetherness and team spirit that the Olympics brings.

The day of the Dance Festival was filled with rehearsals to do sound checks as well as getting the boys used to their positions on stage. In the evening, there were two performances for parents. The boys put on their costumes and eagerly awaited their turn to perform under the stage lights.

Miss Karn said, ‘The performance was great fun for the boys and it was brilliant to hear them saying, ‘I want to do it again!’’

The dance began with Year 6 boys Rith Narla and Laith Al-Shatri performing on drums to the beat at the start of the song for their dance: ‘Wave Your Flag.’ In canon, the boys rose up holding their individually made flags on wooden poles made by Mr Winstanley. The choreography aimed to show the boys working together in unison as well as giving them solo parts to show the competitive values also shown in the Olympics. Steven Wang performed a solo piece to show his Ballroom dancing skills and Henry Hughes performed a jumping leap across the stage as part of his solo, carrying the Olympic torch. For the end of the dance, the boys came together with coloured hoops to mark the five Olympic Rings centre stage. 

Well done to Rith Narla, Laith Al-Shatri, Henry Hughes, Steven Wang, Harry Sairman, Jenson Byrne, Aaron Patel, Zain Khan, Zaid Ahmed and Ben Quilliam. 

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