Bolton School Junior Boys

Boys' Charity Fun Run

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After what have been a gloomy few months, it was refreshing to see two hundred excited boys brightly attired in fanciful costumes as they took part in the Bolton School Junior Boys’ annual fun for charity. 

Headteacher Mrs Sue Faulkner said: ‘This is always a very important date in our calendar – the boys love dressing up and having fun after a week of tests and the occasion also imbues in them a sense of helping others, less fortunate than themselves. The choice was given to the boys and they decided to donate monies raised to two charities, The World Wildlife Fund and Cancer Research UK.’ 

Boys aged 7-11 dressed up in a wonderful array of costumes, some favourites such as dinosaurs, ghosts, pirates, Harry Potter, Batman, Darth Vader, Flash and Sherlock Holmes and some new faces, including a number of pandas representing the WWF and also quite a few Boris Johnsons!

The boys were joined by teachers, seven of whom dressed in the colours of the rainbow – in tribute to NHS staff.

Working in tag pairs, the boys completed as many laps as they could and their endeavours will see them raise as much as £7,000-£10,000.

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