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Boys Go Travelling by Tuba

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Chris Cranham and Stewart Death and their ‘Travelling by Tuba’ experience were back at Bolton School, this time educating and entertaining an audience of Junior Boys. The duo took the pupils on a historical and geographical journey that traced the development of wind instruments. The finely tuned interactive presentation was full of comedic moments and inspired music-making. Boys were encouraged to get involved by offering percussive accompaniment as they learnt about some of the earliest instruments – everything from a 1500 year old, two and a half metre long Tibetan Buddhist Dung encrusted in jewels to thank the Gods for their music to sackbuts and coronets from Tudor times. There was, of course, a focus on the tuba and the whole school gathering learnt more about one of the first types called a Serpent. The boys were full engaged in this cross curricular show, covering Music, History, Geography and Science. 

Travelling by Tuba is a highly successful award-winning education programme suitable for children of all ages. It has been featured on Channel 4 on their Okey Cokey Karioke programme and in the Times Educational Supplement. The educational work of Travelling by Tuba has been recognised by Arts Council England for its clarity of presentation and relevance to the National Curriculum.

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