Bolton School Junior Boys

Boys Impress in Photographic Competition

Year 3 boys have been showing off their artistic and creative talents in a photographic competition judged by professional photographer, Adam Crowther.

First prize went to Alex’s “White Daffodils” with  Mr Crowther commenting: “This is a nice, interesting image. You would expect a photo of plants and flowers to be bursting with colour, and yet choosing to photograph a collection of stark white daffodils, shot against the darkened under-exposed school building which provides an almost complete black background, the photo has come out almost as a black and white image which is unexpected. Only the hint of the green grass and blue sky in the corner of the frame gives it away that the image hasn't been adjusted on the computer and it was in fact a beautiful sunny day which makes the shot seem even more unexpected.

It is also a really interesting composition, shooting right on the ground looking up, the viewer gets a bug-eyed perspective of the flowers, rather than simply photographing from above, at human height. The photographer has obviously thought about the viewing angle when taking the picture.” 

Second prize in the competition went to Nikhil and his photograph “Flowers, Tree and Railing”. Reflecting on the picture, the judge said: “This is all about ‘leading lines' which makes this shot a nice image. Leading Lines in photography are things in the image that guide the viewers’ eyes as if by magic. In this shot everything is parallel with everything else and the viewers’ eyes are naturally guided from the bottom up to the top of the image. The stems of the plants are parallel pointing upwards leading to the railings running parallel with each other and also with the tree trunk. Even beyond that we have parallel lines from the window frames running parallel and fitting in nicely between the railings; it all has the effect of slotting everything together in the image nicely. 

Also there is a nice contrast of colour with the deep green taking up the first half of the frame, then followed by the band of colour of the flowers, then the contrast of the white wall and black railings and tree trunk providing further interesting contrasting elements.” 

Zach was awarded third prize for his piece “Tree Trunk Close Up” with Mr Crowther reflecting: “I like this because the photographer has seen the detail provided by the tree trunk and focused in close on it. He has also decided to completely fill the picture frame with it, which has the effect of forcing you to see and think about the detail of what you are looking at. What makes this image good is that it is all about detail, texture, lines and contrast. With not much colour in the picture, the image becomes strong because of the contrast between the really dark and the really light areas, which is being created by the texture of the tree trunk and the way the falling sunlight creates shadows all over the bark. Then there is the lines running vertically and the further intricate details provided by the texture of rough bark, which all adds up to make it an interesting nature picture showing how detailed patterns can occur in living things.”

Alex's White Daffodils photos was the competition winner

Alex's White Daffodils photos was the competition winner

Nikhil's photo won 2nd prize

Zach's Tree Trunk Close Up was placed third in the competition