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Boys Learn About Organ Donation

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Junior Boys at Bolton School enjoyed an instructive afternoon with Dr Khambalia, who introduced them to the topic of Organ and Tissue Donation. In an interactive and engaging presentation, the Y5 boys talked about relatives in their own family who had received transplants and they also considered famous people who have had transplants including Selena Gomez, former footballer Andy Cole, Steve Jobs, former rugby player Jonah Lomu and George Best.

With the help of Dr Khambalia, the boys identified where their kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas and intestines are. They were introduced to the four different blood types – A, B, AB and O – and how when someone undergoes a blood transfusion they must be given the same blood. They were told how organs, when transplanted, must also be matched up with similar types. Dr Khambalia explained how most donors are dead when they donate and it is therefore important to keep their organs functioning before the transfer. He told the boys how the heart is an amazing organ and how it will keep beating as long as it has oxygen.

Over the course of the presentation, the pupils learnt lots of interesting facts including which organs can be donated, how some people do not tell their families of their intention to donate, that although there are 6,500 people in England on the waiting list for a transplant in reality there are likely to be far more, that age is not a barrier to organ donation and poor health may not necessarily be an impediment, that on average three people die every day waiting for a transplant, that a child’s donated organs can go to an adult, that one organ donor can save or transform nine lives and that most people can become eye donors even if they wear glasses!

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