Bolton School Junior Boys

Boys Pass on Harvest Gifts to St Luke's Drop In Centre

Bolton School Junior Boys celebrated Harvest by joining with parents for the annual Harvest festival in aid of the Drop-in Centre at St Luke's Church on Chorley Old Road.

Head Teacher, Mr Stephen Whittaker, opened the ceremony and an address was given by the Reverend Stuart Cornes of St Luke's Church. Reverend Cornes spoke about the importance of doing good to others and making the world a better place by passing on the blessings we have. During the ceremony Reverend Cornes led the prayers, hymns were sung, and boys from Years 4, 5 and 6 also performed songs for the audience.

The boys and their parents brought in a wide range of food items to donate to the drop-in centre. This is the eighth year that the Junior School has supported the centre, which works to help the homeless, long-term unemployed and the elderly.

Park Road Harvest Festival

The boys offer a variety of food items to Reverend Cornes of St Luke's Church