Bolton School Junior Boys

Cancer Research UK Benefits from Boys’ Fun Run

Junior Boys at Bolton School have made a donation of £2,802.22 to Cancer Research UK.  The money represented half of an amount raised back in June when the whole school of 200 boys undertook their annual Fun Run around a 400m circuit for half an hour. 

Louise Aubrey of Cancer Research UK collected the cheque and said: "Thank you ever so much for all your hard work in raising a staggering amount of money.  It's a great effort and I am glad you had fun whilst raising the money.  With one in three people affected by cancer your money goes to a very worthwhile cause. Once again, a big thank you from the doctors, the scientists, the nurses and everyone involved with Cancer Research UK." 

The boys then listened to a presentation from Ms Aubrey in their assembly and about the work that Cancer Research UK undertakes and were given advice on how to stay healthy.  Experts say that 50% of cancers can be reduced through adjustments in lifestyle.  The boys were given tips for staying healthy, which included: to be active and to undertake 30 minutes of exercise or activity at least five times a week; to keep a healthy weight and to eat well and try to get plenty of fibre (five fruits or vegetables per day!).  They were told to aim to be like David Beckham and not Homer Simpson!

Cheque handover

Boys hand over a cheque to Cancer Research UK

Louise Aubrey advises the boys on healthy living

Fancy dress

The boys line up for their fun run in fancy dress