Bolton School Junior Boys

Changing Someone's Story With Harvest Giving

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The annual Harvest celebration once again saw Junior Boys and their parents congregate in the hall for a special assembly, which focused on thinking of others and being grateful for what we have. The generous donations brought in by the boys and their families were displayed at the front of the hall, ready to be handed over to local charity Urban Outreach.

Dave Bagley from Urban Outreach was invited to speak at the assembly. He told the story of John and let the audience decide the direction of the story at various points, leading John on a funny misadventure which thankfully turned out to be a dream! At the end, he revealed some of the alternative directions the tale could have taken and advised the boys to ‘choose wisely’ next time.

Dave went on to point out that the boys have the opportunity every day to make a real change to someone’s story, just like they did for John. He said that even something as small as a smile or a kind word can change the story for someone who is feeling sad or struggling, and encouraged them to think about that as they go about their lives.

He finished by saying, ‘The food you have donated will change the story for a lots of people in Bolton, so thank you.’

The assembly ended with the whole school singing Harvest hymns: ‘Father Look After the Children’ and ‘Praise and Thanksgiving’.

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