Bolton School Junior Boys

Doubles Gold for Karthik

Year 6 pupil Karthik Ajith has won a Gold medal in the Doubles competition at the recent Badminton England U11 Northumberland tournament. He and his partner, Jacob Marron, won all three of their Doubles matches on the day. Karthik also took part in the preliminary round of the Singles competition..

He decided to start playing badminton in 2012 to follow in the footsteps of his father, who plays for Farnworth Badminton Club in the Bolton league. Initially he began training at Forrest Junior Club and Bolton Lads and Girls Club. It was here that he got his first taste for competitive badminton after being included in club tournaments.

While training at Forrest Junior Club, he was talent-spotted and invited to Bolton Badminton Performance Centre by one of the coaches. The Performance Centre is set up for young people who want to excel at the sport and play at would like to go on to play at county or national level.

This extra training was certainly successful for Karthik, who was selected to play for the Lancashire U11 team in 2013!

He now trains four times a week to hone his skills, and absolutely loves to play the game as often as possible. He now takes part in club and county matches, as well as national tournaments – and has already started to reap the rewards of his hard work. Last year, he and Jacob won Doubles Gold at a Wigan tournament and Doubles Bronze at the Badminton England U11 Warwickshire competition, and he brought home a group silver medal from a Lancashire vs Cheshire county event.

The medal from the Northumberland tournament will now join his growing collection.

Karthik in his badminton kit

Karthik in his badminton kit