"There is such a relaxed atmosphere in school, especially in the Sixth Form - all the teachers put in all their efforts to help get you through your exams, make the right university and career choices, and for you to reach your full potential."

April, Year 12

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Festival Celebrates School Musicians

Thursday, 02 February 2017

  • Music Festival group
  • Music Festival recorder player
  • Music Festival guitarist
  • Music Festival violinist

The Music Festival at the Junior Boys’ School showcased the talents of Park Road’s musically inclined pupils over the course of two days. Pupils were joined by members of staff, parents and grandparents to watch the musicians take to the stage and perform.

The difficult job of adjudicating the Music Festival and choosing the winners fell to Mr Stuart Hazelton. He listened to all of the performances over the two days and, in addition to presenting prizes, offered all of the musicians personal feedback at the end of each class.

Over 145 individual performances took place during the Music Festival. The boys were split into groups based on their instruments and there were classes for woodwind, recorder, brass and percussion as well as two strings classes, three guitar classes and four piano classes to accommodate all the musicians! There were also vocal solo and duet classes, and the vocal groups class allowed the Junior Boys’ School choirs to compete.

The second day of the Music Festival culminated in a spectacular ensembles class, featuring the Percussion Ensemble, Strings Group, Wind Band, Tuned Percussion Group, Cello Quartet, Recorder Group and Guitar Group.

The music was varied in style and included Classical pieces by famous composers like Strauss, Grieg, Beethoven and Vivaldi; traditional music from countries such as Spain, Germany and Portugal; numerous nursery rhymes; and even more contemporary pieces like ‘Mad World’ and themes from movies like Pink Panther and Mission Impossible!

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