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Festive Theme at Ensembles Concert

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The Junior Boys’ Ensembles Concert gives the school’s instrumental groups an opportunity to shine at Christmastime, in the same way that the Carol Service spotlights the school’s choirs. The young musicians were delighted to perform for an audience of their peers, which was recorded for parents to enjoy.

This year, the Ensembles Concert was the first time for some players to perform publicly as a group. Nonetheless they did a wonderful job playing a range of festive pieces.

The Guitar Group played ‘Jingle Bells’ to open the concert. This was followed by two drum pieces from the Percussion Ensemble, which also featured jingling bells!

The Recorder Group performed ‘We Three Kings’ and ‘Good Kind Wenceslas’, before the Tuned Percussion group played ‘Jingle Bells’ once again.

Finally, the String Quartet brought the concert to a close with a very fitting piece: ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’.

The Ensembles Concert can be watched on Bolton School TV or by pressing the play button below:

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