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Gangster Antics at Boys' 'Bugsy Malone' Production

Monday, 04 July 2016

As the summer term drew to a close, the Year 6 boys put on their much anticipated production of Bugsy Malone. Performed over three consecutive nights after weeks of preparation from the cast and much dedication from the director, Mrs Lockett, it was nothing short of fantastic.

All of the boys threw themselves into their characters and learned lines, songs and dance routines with a huge amount of enthusiasm and energy.

The gangsters’ antics as new ‘splurge guns’ came onto the scene – some of them even running down the aisles to reach their targets – had the audience roaring with laughter, as did the gang members ordered to take out reporters with well-placed custard pies! There was also drama, with Bugsy and Blousey dodging splurge gun fire as Fat Sam and Dandy Dan’s power-struggle went on over the course of the play. The fantastic singing and great acting skills of the whole cast really made this a production to remember.

Each night of the run was filled with song, splurge guns, custard pies, and lots of laughter as the play escalated towards its dramatic finale.

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The 'show-girls' introduce Bugsy's character in a song

Dandy Dan addressing his Gang

Dandy Dan addressing his Gang

The final splurge-gun fight

The final splurge-gun fight