Bolton School Junior Boys

Grand Opening for Junior Boys’ £1.5m New Look School

Pupils and staff at Bolton School Boys' Division Junior School celebrated the completion of their £1.5million new look school, with a Grand Opening Ceremony. 

The official opening ceremony was attended by Bolton School governors, Junior Boys' School pupils, and teachers from across the Bolton School Foundation.

Mr Michael Griffiths, Chairman of Governors, began the ceremony by addressing the audience in the boys' Main Hall and thanking the boys for their patience during the 18 months taken to complete the extension and refurbishments. He noted that great efforts had been made not to impede the delivery of the teaching and activities that this exceptional school offers, and that everyone was very pleased with the final outcome of the building work. Headmaster of the Boys' Division, Mr Philip Britton, reflected that the building had been first opened 110 years ago by a suffragette as a girls' school, who said then "this is a magnificent building for educating young people" and how this still holds true today.

The plaque commemorating the official opening was unveiled by President of the Old Boys' Association, David Jenner, with the assistance of Junior Boys' current pupil Krishnan Ajit. Krishnan enthused that his favourite bits about school today are Maths and English, playing chess and gaining merits. Mr Jenner reflected on his years at Park Road; he attended Bolton School from 1953-60 as a pupil and came back as a teacher from 1965-68.  He was pleased to see that the clock, which naughty pupils had to stand under in his day, was still in use!

At the end of the ceremony all the boys got a piece of celebration cake with Park Road written on it, which the Head, Mr Stephen Whittaker, felt would help them remember this special day.

Pupils and staff are really enjoying our new facilities and I know future generations will too.  The extended building, providing larger classrooms, and the refurbished facilities, including the dining hall and a wonderful new library have allowed boys to benefit from the extra space and the very latest equipment. I am personally delighted with our new-look school; it means we can continue to offer the very best in junior school education in even better accommodation.
Junior Boys' Head, Mr Stephen Whittaker

The permanent extension comprises two Year 6 classrooms, a new library, changing rooms and showers, storage facilities, staff/visitor toilets, staff accommodation and a kitchen and dining hall; and there has also been a great deal of internal and external refurbishments to the original building.

The plaque is unveiled

The plaque is unveiled to commemorate the Grand Opening of the new look school