Bolton School Junior Boys

Harvest Assembly with Urban Outreach

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Dave Bagley of Urban Outreach thanked two hundred junior boys at Bolton School for their kind food donations and told them how their products would be put to good use amongst those in most need within the town. He told the assembly that despite Great Britain being the seventh wealthiest nation in the world, some children go to school each morning without any food in their bellies. Dave explained how 53,500 lunches had been given out over the summer months, many to children who would ordinarily receive free school meals during term time. He also told how over Christmas they will again offer 2,500 dinners and how their shelter with 18 beds will be open every night. He then entertained the assembly by performing an intricate rap, written by his son Samuel, called "I Wanna Be Me!". The song considered how people have dreams and want to be tv stars, footballers and pop stars. However, he warned sometimes even the most simple of dreams of eating, caring and belonging can go horribly wrong. He thanked the boys for sharing their food and, by doing so, making some people's dreams come true!

The Junior Boys, along with a large gathering of parents, sang rousing versions of "Praise and Thanksgiving, Father, We Offer" and "We Plough the Fields and Scatter" and Y5 and Y6 boys sang "The Harvest of Love". Head Teacher Mrs Faulkner in her closing remarks reminded boys to be thankful for all that they have and to use the opportunity to take a few moments to think of others.   

Dave also received Harvest donations from Bolton School's Junior and Senior Girls.

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