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Jude Wins Regional Chess Mega Final

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bolton School Junior Boys’ Division Year 5 pupil, Jude Ashcroft, has won the Regional Mega Final of the UK chess challenge.

As the winner, he will now go on to represent the Lancashire region in the U10 age group at the Northern Giga Final at Wright Robinson College in Gorton, Manchester on 13 July. Jude began playing chess with his granddad and started playing competitively three years ago at School.

This is the 18th Annual National Chess Challenge event with around 60,000 children from over 1700 schools and clubs taking part. Jude made it to the Mega Final through a qualifying tournament held at School. A one-day Mega Final is held within each UK county to determine the strongest player from the county within each gender and year combination. As top player in his age group, Jude qualified for the Giga Final. Success in the Giga Final would take him to the National Terra Final.

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Jude Ashcroft Chess Mega Final Winner

Jude has won the Regional Mega Final of the UK chess challenge