Bolton School Junior Boys

Junior Boys have the H Factor

Bolton School Year 3 boys have the H Factor! The boys took part in the healthy eating initiative run by the school catering department, which saw the children making smoothies, researching healthy food options using netbooks, taking part in quizzes and sampling a range of foods.

Over the course of the afternoon children had the chance to choose fruits from a selection to make and taste their own smoothie, which they then got to blend together by pedalling as fast as they could on the Smoothie Bike! They were introduced to plates of unusual and exotic fruits, vegetables and spices including dragon fruit, star fruit, passion fruit, ginger, mint and sage, and were encouraged to touch, smell and taste the different foods.

Pupils used netbooks to take part in food quizzes and were taught about the 'eatwell plate' which shows them the importance of including all the main food groups to maintain a healthy diet, and how much of the diet should be made up of each food group.











The H Factor

Boys enjoyed mixing their own smoothies on the Smoothie Bike!

The H Factor

The boys got to sample lots of new and unusual fruit and vegetables

The H Factor

They used netbooks to research healthy eating