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Junior Boys Join The Pod Trail

Thursday, 19 November 2015

A visit from children’s author and entertainer Lucia Davies set the Junior Boys on their first steps along the Pod Trail. The boys were joined by the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Carole Swarbrick, for Lucia’s entertaining introduction to Pod. The boys had been working with Pod in the days leading up to the workshop, and together had created a fantastic display of illustrations, artwork and posters based on the anti-bullying message. These made a wonderful backdrop to Lucia’s talk about her book.

Lucia has been a children’s entertainer for over 20 years, and decided to become an author after adopting her daughter, Frankie. She told the boys about her journey to becoming a mum, and also how she came up with the idea for Pod. She turned one of her songs – about a witch, a wizard and a small green lizard called Pod – into her first book.

One of the most unique and special aspects of Pod is the fact that every copy is illustrated by the child or children who own it, meaning that every book is different and all readers are invited to imagine their own version of the events.

Pod is a simple story with a powerful anti-bullying message, which is accessible to children aged 3 to 11. In Lucia’s exciting Pod Trail presentation, the Junior Boys learned more about the ten schools and ten Mayors from ten boroughs in the North West who have been involved with promoting the book and its message during Anti-Bullying Week 2015. She also gave the boys one very important message to remember: “If you do good things, good things happen.”

A group of boys helped her to act out the story of Pod using puppets. They followed Pod’s adventures and his efforts to pick up the pieces when a witch and a wizard create trouble in Tanglewood. Although the pair try to harm Pod himself, they still appeal for his help during a flood when they are in danger of drowning.

At this point, Lucia paused the action of the story to hear what the boys themselves would do in the same situation, and how they might feel if they were in Pod’s position. This was a great opportunity to get the boys talking about the effects of bullying and what the right response might be. Some boys said that they would rescue the drowning witch and wizard, while others said they didn’t deserve to be saved after causing so many problems. Lucia listened to all the different viewpoints before reminding the boys, “If you do good things, good things happen.” She then ended the story with Pod’s rescue of the witch and wizard, helped by the other creatures they had been bullying earlier.

Finally, she invited ten boys to illustrate Pod in just a few minutes on a long sheet of paper, so that their interpretation of the story could be added to the Pod Trail.

The boys really engaged with Lucia’s talk and the important message in her book. The event was a really exciting chance for them to meet an author and become involved with the anti-bullying cause.

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Lucia with some of the Bolton School boys joining the Pod Trail

Lucia with some of the Bolton School boys joining the Pod Trail

Boys helped to tell the story of

Boys helped to tell the story of 'Pod' using puppets

The pupils loved Lucia

The pupils loved Lucia's entertaining presentation, which also had an important anti-bullying message