Bolton School Junior Boys

Junior Boys Perform 'Joseph'

  • Y6 Play Joseph - Dreamcoat
  • Y6 Play Joseph - Coat of Many Colours
  • Y6 Play Joseph - Joseph's brothers
  • Y6 Play Joseph - Pharaoh
  • Y6 Play Joseph - Joseph wears the coat
  • Y6 Play Joseph - One More Angel in Heaven
  • Y6 Play Joseph - Potiphar
  • Y6 Play Joseph - Close Every Door To Me
  • Y6 Play Joseph - Brother reunited in Egypt
  • Y6 Play Joseph - Benjamin Calypso
  • Y6 Play Joseph - Joseph triumphant
  • Y6 Play Joseph - Technicolour Dreamcoat

After three months of preparations, the Year 6 boys finally put on their end of year production of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Telling the biblical story of Joseph through Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s music and songs is no easy task, but the boys worked very hard during rehearsals to pull it off with ease and panache!

Joseph Carolan played the titular character. He gave some beautiful performances throughout the show, and in particularly ‘Close Every Door To Me’, in which Joseph sings of his despair after being thrown in jail, was very moving. The King truly was in the building with Kiran Sastry’s Elvis-style Pharaoh, decked in superstar shades and a cape and performing a spectacular knee-slide across the stage as he explained his bizarre dreams for Joseph to interpret! The boys playing Joseph’s eleven brothers each brought their own personality to the role and highlights included the crooning Western number ‘One More Angel in Heaven’, the beret-clad and hilarious Edith Piaf style ‘Those Canaan Days’, and of course the ‘Benjamin Calypso’. Potiphar and his wife – played by Neo Fitzgerald and Archie Stocks – also brought lots of humour to the production, and the six dungaree-clad narrators did a wonderful job throughout the show of moving the narrative along.

As the performance drew to a close with Joseph and his family happily reunited, the whole cast joined in the most famous number, ‘Any Dream Will Do’. Joseph’s technicolour dreamcoat was unfurled to fill the entire stage and provide a spectacular end to the production.

Mrs Dare’s review of the show read: “The show was a complete delight from start to finish. There were fantastic, confident performances from all the boys, in particular Joseph Carolan, Kiran Sastry, Billy Burrows and Lewis Pierson who all sang beautifully, and Archie Stocks and George Houghton who provided some great comedy moments. Mrs Lockett had triumphed once again, directing a high quality, professional production – even more impressive given she missed a full half term of rehearsals due to a broken arm. The boys were word perfect, sang beautifully and looked like they really enjoyed themselves. Needless to say, there was a theatre full of very proud parents!”

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