Bolton School Junior Boys

Mandarin Success for Y6 Boys

A staggering 86% of Year 6 boys at Bolton School Junior Boys’ School, which had Confucius Classroom status bestowed upon it earlier in the academic year, have passed the Mandarin Youth Chinese Test (YCT). 

A delighted Headteacher, Mrs Sue Faulkner, said: “This is our first year of doing this, and, along with Kris our Mandarin teacher, we are all so very pleased. Mandarin has a reputation as being a very difficult language to embrace, one reason being that the script can be confusing to learn and another that the tone of voice is key to the meaning of what is said. Despite all of that, we firmly believed that our boys were more than capable of succeeding, despite the challenge they might face. Languages are a great stimulation for the brain and what better way to challenge our boys than to give them the opportunity to try something which would stretch them intellectually. 

By learning and promoting the language of Mandarin and the wider Chinese culture here at Bolton School we are helping our students to be better prepared for life and to work in a multi-cultural, global marketplace in which Mandarin is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages.” 

Pupil Marcus Ng, who scored the second highest mark in the Greater Manchester area, said: “I already knew a little bit of traditional Cantonese so that helped me as the characters are similar. I think it is great that we are studying Mandarin and I hope to use it later in my life for work and for travel.”

Year 6 boys celebrate in the Confucius Classroom

Year 6 boys celebrate in the Confucius Classroom