"That discipline and focus really impacted my athletic career with mountain biking, and with other aspects of everyday life too. I am very grateful to Bolton School for contributing to this solid foundation. "

Chris Eatough, World Champion at Mountain Bike Endurance and Old Boy

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In Essence, Children Remain The Same

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Mr Michael Percik has retired as Head of Junior Boys at Bolton School Boys' Division after 18 distinguished years. He leaves the School in a very healthy state.

Looking back over his years at the Junior School, Mr Percik believes that, in essence, pupils have not changed much during his stewardship. What they own has changed - with many of them now having mobile phones and games consoles - and they have lost some of their former skills such as climbing trees and throwing cricket balls, but their general behaviour and powers of concentration can be commensurate with years gone by. Mr Percik said: "Although people talk about children not being able to concentrate for as long these days, I believe their powers of concentration can still be as strong, if they are encouraged or stretched."

When asked about what has been the best thing about teaching, Mr Percik replied: "Seeing children progress and achieve over the four years that they are in the Junior School.  It has been wonderful to see them master concepts, to develop and to excel. I can also say that in all my time as a teacher, I have never been bored.

It has been the ethos at the Junior School to offer as wide a range of opportunities and to get as many boys as possible involved in a variety of activities. As well as this, we try and identify boys with special abilities and to maximise their potential.

The staff team has grown over my time here and the School is particularly strong in music, sport and chess. Every year we take up to 50 boys on a coach to QEGS Wakefield to play chess.

I look forward to seeing where the Junior School goes in the future but that is now in the hands of the new Junior Boys' Head, Mr Stephen Whittaker and of the new Senior School Head, Philip Britton."

Mr Percik will not be retiring completely from Bolton School and will look after the Under 13 football team in the Senior School, including their Saturday morning games. He also hopes to play more competitive bridge and, looking further ahead, he and his wife may move to the Littlehampton area on the south coast.

Bolton School wishes him all the best!

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Mr Percik, centre, is thanked for his 18 years of service by Head of Governors, Mr Michael Griffiths and Headmaster, Mr Mervyn Brooker

Mr Percik, centre, is thanked for his 18 years of service by Head of Governors, Mr Michael Griffiths and Headmaster, Mr Mervyn Brooker