Bolton School Junior Boys

Springtime Show From Junior Boys

The Junior Boys and their families congregated in the Boys’ Division Great Hall for the annual Spring Concert. The boys had worked hard to perfect each piece on the programme, and their dedication really showed as they took centre stage.

The Percussion Ensemble opened the concert with ‘Stick Parade’ and ‘Never Smile at a Crocodile’, under the direction of Mrs Finlow. They were followed by the Wind Band, conducted by Mr Dawkins, who had chosen to perform two familiar pieces and gave entertaining renditions of ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Barbara Ann’!

The Lower School Choir and Mrs Ives were up next with ‘A Pirate Song’ for the audience to enjoy. They then sang a second piece, ‘Please Miss’, before handing over to Mr Fowles and the Guitar Ensemble. The guitarists changed the pace of the evening once again with their versions of two traditional pieces, ‘Greensleeves’ and ‘Albanian Bucket Dance’.

The Invitational Choir then took to the stage with two contrasting pieces. They began their section with an upbeat song version of the classic tongue-twister ‘Betty Botter’ before singing the hymn ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’.

The Strings Group were the next to perform, picking up the tempo with highly enjoyable ‘Rock Riffs’ and ‘Summer Stomp’, directed by Miss Moore. They were followed by the Tuned Percussion Ensemble, who played two pieces by Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic : ‘Der Hase und der Igel’ and ‘Polka und Tanz’. The next group was the String Quartet, playing Corelli’s ‘Pastorale’ and ‘Bobby Shaftoe/Fiesta’ by Sheila Nelson. The Upper School Choir then sang ‘I Believe in Springtime’ and ‘Look at the World’, both by John Rutter.

The final ensemble to play before the grand finale was the Recorder Group, directed by Mrs Willis. It was clear that the boys really enjoyed playing ‘Romp Around Europe’, which involved a number of familiar tunes including the national anthem, and particularly Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’, which even involved the boys dancing and chanting along to certain parts of the song!

The final performance of the evening was from the massed voices of the whole Junior Boys’ School, singing a Michael Jackson Medley. The boys were accompanied by Mrs Ives and Year 10 band Parallel Oreos. This spectacular medley was lots of fun for the boys, and the music from the band really helped to give extra energy to the performance. This was a fantastic end to a wonderful evening of music-making from the Junior Boys.

There was a retiring collection for Water Aid, a charity dedicated to overcoming poverty by enabling the world's poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.

The Massed Voices of the Junior Boys' School performed a Michael Jackson Medley

The Massed Voices of the Junior Boys' School performed a Michael Jackson Medley

The Wind Band's performance of 'Barbara Ann'

The Wind Band's performance of 'Barbara Ann'

Boys on recorder playing pop hit 'Uptown Funk'

Boys in the Recorder Group playing 'Uptown Funk'