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Talent Showcased at Music Festival

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Young musicians at the Junior Boys’ School took part in the annual Music Festival: a two-day extravaganza of performances to celebrate the vibrant musical talents of pupils. Parents and family members formed the audience as boys put on a show and impressed the adjudicator.

Across the two days, a wide range of classes were heard filling the hall with music. There were classes for Woodwind and Brass, Vocal Solo, Percussion and Recorder. Some classes were split so that the many performers could take part: Guitar had three classes and Strings two. The only instrument to have four classes was Piano, and in addition one class was further split into two halves as there were so many performers!

Group classes also took place. Many pupils who had already performed earlier in the Festival returned in pairs to provide a varied Duet class. The Vocal Groups class was filled with singing from the Lower School Choir, Upper School Choir, Chamber Choir, 4A Singers and 4B Singers.

The finale of the Music Festival was provided by the Ensembles class. This involved a huge number of Junior Boys and saw the Percussion Ensemble, Wind Band, Tuned Percussion Group, Recorder Group, Strings Group and Guitar Group take centre stage.

Adjudicating the Music Festival was former Boys’ Division Director of Music Mr Steve Martin, who was delighted to return and listen to music from the Junior Boys. He encouraged performers to enjoy themselves and provided individual feedback at the end of each class, talking about what was good and giving tips on how to improve. Mr Martin chose a first, second and third place in each class and all of the performers received certificates for taking part.

A huge repertoire of music was performed across the two days of the Music Festival, showing the diverse musical talent in the Junior Boys’ School.

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