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ISI Inspection of the Girls' Division 2016

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Tuba Tour Through History

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Junior Boys took a trip through history with the Travelling by Tuba duo, Chris Cranham and Stewart Death. The boys were entertained by a variety of styles and instruments over the course of the morning as the musicians introduced them to music through the ages.

Using a ‘Best of British’ theme, Travelling by Tuba took the pupils from the days when Viking and Roman invaders reached the British Isles, right through to the First and Second World Wars. This included demonstrations of the Roman cornu and Viking animal horn and examples of early musical instruments in the Tudor period such as the cornet, serpent and sackbut. Stewart and Chris also talked the boys through the introduction of the valve during the Industrial Revolution, then went on to give a rousing ‘Proms’ performance. Finishing with the songs that kept people going throughout the war periods, they gave the boys a great tour of British history through music. Chris and Stewart also did an excellent job of explaining how many of the different instruments worked and why they sounded a particular way. They gave a great demonstration of the theory behind the tuba itself, showing that it is just a large, coiled tube by recreating the instrument using a piece of hosepipe, a funnel and a mouthpiece!

The boys also had plenty of opportunity to get involved. Some were able to play the hosepipe ‘tuba’ for themselves, while others made sounds on the Roman cornu, or joined in by providing a drum beat or percussion during one of Chris and Stewart’s performances.

The Travelling by Tuba show was lots of fun as well as being a great educational opportunity. The Junior Boys really enjoyed learning more about musical instruments and the history of Britain in this unusual and different way.


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Chris and Stewart perform with the help of one of the boys

Chris and Stewart perform with the help of one of the boys

Chris demonstrates the side of the tuba

Chris demonstrates the side of the tuba's bell

Pupils enjoyed taking part

Pupils enjoyed taking part