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Around 300 children from local primary schools, including Junior Boys’ School pupils, attended a presentation based on the book ‘You Are Awesome’ by Matthew Syed. Accredited speaker Rob Carpenter, who is also the headteacher of five schools, spoke to pupils in the Bolton School Boys’ Division Great Hall.

Matthew’s book is all about growth mindset and the fact that where someone starts doesn’t have to be where they end up, as every person can determine their own destiny based on how hard they work. Rob’s talk unpacked the message in the book, discussing what might be holding pupils back, what all successful people have, and their ‘fantastic, elastic (and plastic) brain’.

The inspirational and interactive afternoon was packed with examples of people who had worked hard to achieve their goals, including Matthew himself, footballer David Beckham and balancing artist Rocky Byun. Rob talked about the fact that seemingly amazing abilities or impossible feats are more to do with effort and practice than ‘natural talent’. He also talked to pupils about breaking down their goals into stages and working at each one to achieve the whole, and the importance of collaboration and supporting one another.

The afternoon was a great introduction to the idea of growth mindset and helped primary school pupils to think about how to approach life and achieve their dreams. Pupils also received their own copies of ‘You Are Awesome’. The event was organised by Lynn Williams, headteacher of St Peter’s Farnworth.

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