Bolton School Junior Girls

Art and Design

Our Art and Design curriculum builds proficiency in the core skills of drawing and observational work, as well as introducing the children to a wide range of different media to explore and develop new techniques.

We look at the work of key artists, periods and styles in order to appreciate the context, purpose and effect art can have as a tool for expression. The children are encouraged to use this knowledge as inspiration in their own artwork.

We provide opportunities for our young artists to express themselves and their own creativity in two and three dimensions. Lessons link across the curriculum in a meaningful way, with themes and projects inspired by the children’s work in areas such as Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages or Science.

Our extensive, extra-curricular programme provides further opportunities to enjoy creating additional art and craft projects.

We make nice things and share our ideas.

Natasha, Year 4

I like learning about Picasso and other famous artists.

Nadia, Year 5


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