Bolton School Junior Girls


Developing computing proficiency is essential in order that children can access the modern world, and are able to be confident, creative and independent learners. Technology surrounds us and is changing at an ever-increasing pace. We aim to develop the children’s critical thinking and encourage an exposure to a range of technologies so they can adapt to new ones as they arise.

In teaching this subject, we aim to ensure that all pupils can understand and apply the most important concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation. It gives them the necessary skills to break down a problem, predict what might happen and use logic to find a solution.

<>Lessons often take place in our computer suite, which is equipped with 28 computers. All classes have a weekly lesson of one hour in which they learn computing skills. These skills are also used as an important tool to aid research and presentation of work across the curriculum. Each pupil has their own school iPad, to enhance their learning in class and through homework.

We also have a set of Sphero Bolts. These are coding robotic spheres, providing the girls with even more ways to express inventive ideas and experience the power of programming, problem solving and teamwork.

Computing is great. We do lots of fun things which are also challenging.

Robyn, Year 6
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