Bolton School Junior Girls


Asked about the value of English in the curriculum, Anne Fine, author and former Children’s Laureate replied, “Without English, nothing, and without good English, nothing very well.”

Our aims in teaching English are:

  • to provide our pupils with a firm foundation in the skills required to use spoken and written English effectively
  • to develop a love of their language through the study of good literature

Each class has ten lessons of English during the week covering oracy, grammar, spelling, reading, writing and handwriting. 

We encourage our pupils to:

  • speak clearly and fluently, listen attentively and to be sensitive to and respectful of the needs of others in their questions and responses 
  • read fluently both for pleasure and for information
  • write correctly and appropriately for a variety of purposes

Reading quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry underpins all areas of our curriculum. To ensure pupils benefit fully in both lessons and in independent reading, we operate a Reading Award Scheme. This aims to diversify children’s reading experiences, as well as developing and rewarding their reading skills.

During the course of the year, we celebrate National Poetry Day, World Book Day and Shakespeare Week. We enjoy visiting authors’ workshops and the Young Shakespeare Company regularly provide an unforgettable interactive drama experience. 

English is such fun because your mind is just set free to think about what you're going to write.

Lydia, Year 5


World Book Day 2020 Y5

Year 5 girls taking part in the Book Swap on World Book Day

National Poetry Day - poem in my pocket

Pupils celebrated National Poetry Day 2019