Bolton School Junior Girls


Our aim is to stimulate the children's interest in the lives of people in the past and to inspire a love of History for its own sake. By teaching our pupils how to investigate earlier periods from Ancient Greece to the Victorians. We hope to encourage them to think about the ways in which events in the past have influenced our lives today.

We organise many trips to places of historical significance. During the last year, for example, we have taken groups to Bramall Hall and Port Sunlight. We also regularly invite visitors in to school to talk about past events with the children. A very popular visitor was the Roman soldier for instance, who talked to us about life in the army. Story-telling plays an important part in our teaching, helping to capture and hold the children's interest.

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Workshops

First-Hand Accounts of WWII

It's a fabulous way of learning about our past and how it affects us today.

Aisha, Y5


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Discovering more about Vikings as part of the girls' Learning Challenges work

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