Bolton School Junior Girls


Like most junior school pupils, our students have a natural curiosity towards scientific learning. In school, they are actively encouraged to find out why things happen in the way they do. In our lessons, we try to achieve a balance between learning factual information and practical work, where pupils are encouraged to plan and devise their own methods of fair testing.

In this way, the children learn to ask scientific questions and begin to appreciate how Science may affect their future on a personal, national and global level. We are very lucky in that we can break out from the classroom and take full advantage of our fantastic science laboratory. Here, the girls are able to use a huge variety of scientific equipment in controlled, safe surroundings. Our extensive grounds at Hesketh House also allow us the opportunity to take science outside! Our hope is that the girls move on from Year 6 with a firm belief that science is real and science is fun!

Science is always such fun. My favourite this term was testing parachutes to investigate air resistance. Our science teachers make every lesson exciting and enjoyable.

Florence, Year 5

Science is one of my favourite subjects because it is packed with exciting experiments. It was great learning about friction this term…who knew that sledging was a science investigation?!!

Tabitha, Year 5