Bolton School Junior Girls

An Ambassador's View

Georgia Ainscough, Y6

Hesketh House is a magical place where girls can learn to be themselves as well as receive a wonderful education and satisfy a healthy sporting appetite. Here you learn about independence and responsibility while in a safe environment. Year 6 Ambassadors help to look after new Year 3 pupils to assist them in their transition into the Junior School. The teachers and headmistress are always supportive if we are feeling unsure, they will listen and help you navigate your way through problems, choices and friendships. They constantly try to make sure we are enjoying every moment of School, because a happy girl learns more.

At Hesketh House your daughter will find the class work challenging in a positive, exciting way. We have interesting lessons to help us progress steadily through the curriculum. With the support of iPads we are able to learn through technology as well as traditional methods. English is fantastic because there is a Reading Award Scheme where you read at least three different types of books a term: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry. Assignments set for these aim to reflect our understanding of the book. I particularly enjoyed designing a book cover for Christoph Niemann’s biography, creating a mind map from the novel, Phantom Tollboth, as well as describing the way Shel Silverstein’s poetry made me feel. The teachers also make learning new languages really fun. We practised Spanish words by painting on silk and using the Linguascope App on our iPads. In Mathematics, based on your level, there are challenging books called Schofield and Sims that set targets for you to aim toward and puzzles to solve. Science is awesome because we conduct experiments to test our knowledge of different aspects of the subject.

At Hesketh House the facilities are excellent. We not only have a hall where we attend assemblies, gym and where we eat lunch but we also have a swimming pool, an ICT suite with keyboards for Music lessons, a Science room, Art and DT room, two Music rooms for individual lessons and a fabulous Library. Our School is great academically and sporting-wise. There is a wide variety of sports offered in the School giving us a chance to dip our toes in unknown waters. There are plenty of Inter-House fixtures for girls to take part in over their four years here, progressing from Years 3 – 6. Each girl has the opportunity to try out for clubs such as cross country, athletics, water polo, netball and swimming. If selected, pupils go on to represent the School in fixtures and competitions. My favourite games are those where we travel to by bus because you get to chatter about things with your teammates, visit new places and feel proud to represent your School.

There is also a strong House system made up of all 4 year groups, this helps us to make friends outside of our class and year group. There are five houses: Grasmere, Windermere, Rydal, Buttermere and Ullswater. We earn House Points throughout the term in hope that our House will win the House Cup at the end of each term. Points can be earned for achievements in and outside of School as well as good manners and academic work. The House system reminds us all that there is no ‘I’ in team. The importance of being an individual working as part of a team and joining together and supporting one another is our aim.

A trip to Patterdale Hall, is possibly my favourite excursion of the year. This exciting class trip begins in Year 4 and continues in Years 5 and 6. Girls travel to the Lake District where they stay and take part in outdoor activities, such as climbing, canoeing and hiking. For those who have never been away, it is their introduction to sleepovers, or, for those who have never left Bolton, it is an introduction to nature and for me it is a vacation with friends where you get dirty and play hard.

What I most love about Hesketh House is the friendships I have made. I learned in three years the importance of being kind, trustworthy, honest, responsible, reliable, brave, loyal, patient and a good listener. School has taught me about the kind of person I am now, as well as the person I want to be as I grow-up. I am sure your daughter will make life-long friends here and enjoy her time as a Hesketh House girl.

Paavana Sugumar, Y6

Hesketh House Junior Girls’ School is a wonderful School with lots of great opportunities. I have enjoyed every minute of my time here learning and having fun. Our School has many facilities: a dedicated library, an ICT suite, Science room, Music room and an Art room. It also has a huge indoor multipurpose hall and outdoor playgrounds. There are so many exciting lunchtime and after school clubs to choose from.

Lessons in Hesketh House are very interesting. For example, I enjoyed learning tables in Year 3 with the planet challenge where we all try to travel across the planets to Pluto. The challenges become progressively harder as we try to reach the goal. In English, I especially love writing stories from my imagination. We learn French and Spanish in language lessons and explore other languages and cultures on Languages Day. I enjoy trying to speak the languages I learn when I am on holidays! Science is always fun doing experiments based on the topics we study. In Learning Challenge, we learn about History and Geography and do Art and DT with lots of lovely individual and group activities.

In Hesketh House we have lots of opportunities to perform and showcase our talents either in a group or as solo. We have assemblies three times every week. Each class or year group does an assembly where we explain to the rest of the School what we have been learning about in class. In assemblies, Mrs Laverick, our Headteacher, reads us beautiful stories. We discuss the morals and experiences from them so that we learn new things that are important in life.

At School, we have music concerts where we participate in the Choir, Orchestra and even do solo performances. We enjoy our varied instrumental classes, being treated to learning to play the ukulele, recorder, trumpet, trombone, piano and also singing. Every year in Hesketh House we do two School plays, one in the winter and one in the summer. These plays are great opportunity to improve our stage and drama skills.

There are lots of different sports and clubs to try at Hesketh House including chess, netball, rounders, swimming, water polo and cross-country. We get a chance to represent our School in team sports if we are selected to a team. We also have the opportunity to participate in clubs just simply for fun. In sports lessons we do swimming, gymnastics, PE and dance.

In Hesketh House we have an opportunity to go on an outdoor-pursuits trips to Patterdale Hall in the Lake District, where we stay overnight. It is excellent for team building activities and games. We have the opportunity to also go on a Ski Trip, Writing Retreat and day trips as part of educational activities.

There are many opportunities to develop leadership skills in Hesketh House for example, a pupil may get voted to become a Form Captain, Vice-Captain, a School Council member, a Charity Representative and in Year 6 each pupil has the opportunity to act as an Ambassador. The wonderful experiences build and support friendships and helps us to care for ourselves and those around us.

Hesketh House is a marvellous place to learn. All the staff are lovely and there are so many opportunities to seize in the four years at the Junior School.
The Ambassadors