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Du’a Qedwai

Our time learning at Hesketh House provides a great opportunity to be challenged and make lasting friendships. Challenges start as early as Year 3 where we all seek to land on ‘Pluto’ for the Times Table Challenge. This task teaches us the importance of perseverance and numeracy. In Literacy, the Reading Award Scheme allows us to explore the world of fiction and non-fiction and poetry appreciation. We are challenged to present our views of literature through critique. In Computing we learn many new skills; learning to code has been a personal favourite of mine.

Our teachers help us to develop into reliable, conscientious students. We are supported and challenged to reach for the stars – and we enjoy the journey it takes to get there.

The appreciation of music is taught at Hesketh House and is enjoyable. We engage in ukulele playing and trombone practice. Hesketh House echoes the sounds we create. We all eagerly prepare for the Informal Concerts and look forward to the personalised comments we receive from the staff and visitors. The Christmas and Summer Concerts are highlights of the School year. We are encouraged to explore our singing abilities – even in solo roles! Our student-led orchestra provides the perfect musical accompaniment at these occasions.

We are fortunate to have access to Patterdale Hall, the School’s Outdoor Pursuits Centre. It is an extraordinary outdoor activity-filled location in the Lake District on the shores of Lake Ullswater. Here we are challenged to ‘have a go’, conquer our fears and explore the great outdoors. We learn to gorge walk, rock climb and to appreciate skills such as archery and canoeing.

At School, we have a swimming pool where we have weekly lessons and end of term galas. These are great fun for all! We have a House Cross Country competition and in other areas of PE we do gymnastics and dance to allow us to explore movement and fitness. We work as teams on Sports Day, and roar for our Houses, ‘Come on Ullswater, Windermere, Buttermere, Rydal or Grasmere!’

At Hesketh House, as part of our education, we are all encouraged to explore altruistic endeavours: from tent building in aid of African street children to skipping for the British Heart Foundation. We learn to appreciate what we have and to minimise waste. Even the food waste is placed in potato sacks and recycled!

If the aim is to produce highly motivated, caring students, Hesketh House certainly succeeds. I have loved every minute of the last three years here and if allowed, I would do it all again!

October 2017, on behalf of the Year 6 Ambassadors 

Emma Taylor-Beardsworth

Hesketh House is the Junior Girls’ part of Bolton School and was opened in 2010 and named after Sir William Hesketh Lever. Our School has excellent facilities: a library, an ICT suite, a science room and an art room. The ICT room is also used for music lessons. It is equipped with keyboards for learning new skills in music. Other music lessons include singing, learning the recorder, the ukulele, trumpet and trombone. It is so varied. We also learn Spanish and French in our wonderful Library. Once every year we celebrate International Language Day and we also find about other languages from pupils in our School who speak an additional language at home with their family.

Three times a week we have whole School assemblies. At Achievement Assembly, pupils can bring something that they have achieved inside or outside of School and can share their success with everyone at the assembly. Mrs Laverick, our Headteacher, sometimes shares fables with us during assembly. We discuss the morals behind the stories and relate these to how we should behave at School. We sing lovely hymns. Singing together is a good feeling. We are treated to watch class assemblies during the year, where different year groups tell us about what they have been learning in class.

Lessons in Hesketh House are full of enjoyable challenges. However, we also face new challenges outside School. We take part in the John Muir Environmental Award, when we visit Patterdale Hall, the School’s Outdoor Pursuits Centre in the Lake District. During our visits there, we participate in team activities. These challenges include: archery, climbing, canoeing and orienteering. The Patterdale Hall staff are very kind and helpful and make sure we have a great time. Being there gives us a chance to try new skills and explore new environments.

In Hesketh House, we have a House system consisting of five different Houses that pupils are organised into. These are: Windermere, Grasmere, Buttermere, Rydal and Ullswater. Each House competes against other the Houses in different activities and events including Sports Day, Swimming Galas, Netball, Cross Country and Rounders. At House meetings we collect House Points that pupils have earned in the term and points are totalled up to see which House has won the House Cup. We all have one word that is very important to the School TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

My memories of Hesketh House will stay with me forever. I think our School is a special place for everyone.

October 2017, on behalf of the Year 6 Ambassadors

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